TEĎ NAOZAJ: Live with Ondřej Kundra and Arpád Soltész at the United Islands of Prague festival


Today's episode of our podcast was recorded live as part of Experience Europe with United Islands of Prague! The invitation was accepted by Arpád Soltész, founder of the Ján Kuciak Investigative Centre and Ondřej Kundra, investigative journalist at Respekt magazine. Together, we focused on the current situation in Slovakia and the work of journalists there, as well as Czech-Slovak relations and the life of an investigative journalist.

➡ How is it easier for Czech journalists than Slovak ones?
What threatens the work and lives of investigative journalists?
➡ Does Slovakia lack a stable institution?

For the opportunity to participate in the event with our podcast, we would like to thank the Díky, že můžem. 

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