Projects / Resilience in the infosphere


Our vision: Creating a society resilient against the threats of misinformation, disinformation, and manipulation in our evolving digital age.

The Challenge We Face:

The rise of the digital age has vastly expanded our access to information. But, with this boon comes the bane of disinformation, conspiracy theories, and digital vulnerabilities. Safeguarding societal resilience against these challenges is more vital than ever.

The Gravity of the Situation:

Misinformation is not novel, but its rapid dissemination in today’s digital landscape is. According to the SYYRI National Institute’s study for Czech Radio. 6 % of Czechs fervently support conspiracy theories. 22 % moderately support such theories related to migration and/or COVID-19. 13 % occasionally consider conspiracies as partly factual. 6 % remain indifferent, and 53 % actively or passively oppose conspiracy theories.

Root Causes:

  • Media Literacy Gap: Research by STEM for People in Need highlights that a significant fraction of Czech schools neglect media education.
  • Shortcomings on the government side: While the government has committed to a comprehensive fight against disinformation, tangible efforts and strategic communication are still lacking.
  • Shortcomings on the social media side: Platforms usually implement only minimal measures against disinformation, compounded by limited knowledge of the regional context.
  • Data quality and quantity gaps: Available data is not sufficiently used to shape national communication strategies.
  • Declining institutional trust: There is a direct link between trust in conspiracies and disinformation and declining trust in political and state structures.

Our Strategy:

  • Foster government partnerships for data-driven strategic communications.
  • Arm NGOs, particularly those aiding vulnerable populations, with tools to combat misinformation.
  • Enhance state strategic communication via NGO collaboration.
  • Engage social media users actively countering online misinformation and ensure stringent adherence to DSA regulations by social networks.

Together, let’s fortify the infosphere of the Czech Republic and Slovakia, championing a Central Europe where truth stands tall, democracy flourishes, and societies remain undivided.